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Asymmetry Capital

Asymmetry Capital envisions to become Asia’s leading VC that empowers Web3.0 entrepreneurs. We take a proactive and prudent approach to hand-pick the best Web3.0 startups, with specific focus on metaverse & blockchain-gaming, at their early stage.


Leveraging our global network of industry professionals, Asymmetry Capital positions to offer strategic growth advisory, extensive entrepreneurial knowledge, and industry know-hows, to optimize the success rate of pioneering projects.

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REVV Racing


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Mantra DAO

League of Ancients


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About Asymmetry Capital

Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Investment since 2017

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Ray Wong

Ray Wong is a serial entrepreneur, blockchain investor and Bitcoin miner. VC advisory in blockchain and sustainability, angel investor in blockchain games and decentralized finance.

Ray also possesses vast experience in being a guest speaker and moderator in global conferences such as Crypto Asset Conference, DeFi Summit, CERAWeek and more.

Janam Shah

Janam started his journey as a blockchain & cryptocurrency investor by founding Kreative Ventures which focus on investing in Web 3.0 projects. Janam is also a domain expert in diamond industry and he's managing a diamond business for his family for over 5 years. 

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March Lam

March entered the blockchain & cryptocurrency industry since 2017, and spent 4+ years in professional Web3.0 Infrastrcuture advisory in leading cryptocurrency companies. He is also an active investor of early-stage Web3.0 projects and has rich knowledge in emerging trends.


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